Military Relocations

Helping military members relocate to Colorado Springs is a big part of our business. If you’re nearing the end of an assignment and are about to be transferred, you’ve come to the right place. Springs Home Finders has helped hundreds of military personnel relocate to Colorado Springs from all over the world. Our town, at the base of Pikes Peak, is a wonderful place for military families. More than three-quarters of our local economy is driven by military spending, and there are military discounts at hundreds of restaurants and stores around town. We’re very familiar with the challenges in relocating, and we’re happy to help you sort out all your housing paperwork and find the best loan for you.

There are many military installations in Colorado Springs, including:

Because over 50% of our business is relocations, we’re always watching the lending industry for the most competitive rates, and we have multiple VA lenders we work with. Contact us, and we can help you find the best deal. If you’re going to be living off-base, below are the figures for the Basic Allowance for Housing in Colorado Springs, as well as a list of the local bases.

Basic Housing Allowance (BAH) Rates in Colorado Springs – 2022

BAH – Enlisted

GradeDependentsNo Dependents
E01$1,986 $1,605
E02$1,986 $1,605
E03$1,986 $1,605
E04$1,986 $1,605
E05$2,052 $1,806
E06$2,091 $1,917
E07$2,169 $1,983
E08$2,262 $2,067
E09$2,367 $2,073

BAH – Officers

GradeDependentsNo Dependents
O01E$2,190 $2,052
O02E$2,304 $2,070
O03E$2,391 $2,082
O01$2,064 $1,914
O02$2,088 $2,034
O03$2,316 $2,079
O04$2,475 $2,172
O05$2,589 $2,223
O06$2,607 $2,307
O07$2,625 $2,334

Military Rebates

We offer rebates for military at closing! We offer a significant cash rebate program for military members at closing. If you purchase a home with us, we can offer you up to several thousands of dollars back at closing.

Purchase PriceCash at Closing
Under $99,999$400
$100,000 to $150,000$800
$150,001 to $200,000$950
$201,000 to $250,000$1,000
$250,001 to $300,000$1,100
$301,000 to $350,000$1,250
$350,001 to $400,000$1,400
$401,000 to $500,000$1,700
$501,000 to $600,000$1,800
$601,000 to $700,000$1,900
$701,000 to $800,000$2,000
$801,000 to $900,000$2,100
$901,000 to $1,000,000$2,500
$1,000,001 to $2,000,000$5,000
$2,000,001 and up$7,500

The cash rebate that will be paid to you will be paid on the base price of the home if it is a new construction home, or the sales price on a resale. The rebate must show up in the written contract and it also must meet R.E.S.P.A. regulations by being listed on the Hud-1 settlement form. It can be used towards closing costs, discount points and prepaid items or for options or upgrades to your home. Selling agent must receive a minimum of a 3% commission, and buyer has to be under buyer’s agency.

Note: we reserve the right to change or modify the details or terms of this program at any time. Please contact us for the latest terms.